Welcome to Heritage Reforestation Inc.

With over 20 years of Silviculture expertise, Heritage Reforestation Inc. (HRI) is the fastest growing reforestation company in Canada. Built and expanding on a reputation of excellence, HRI is known for its innovation, hard work and determination in getting the job done. Our operations span Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, with Tree Planting, Brush Saw Thinning, Spray, and BRACKE Site Preparation work occurring in various locations throughout the season.


Up to any challenge, HRI employees are some of the top in the business. We foster new and returning planters with a hands-on approach to training and quality control. Our Management team has many years of experience in silviculture and has successfully built solid working relationships with our clients throughout Canada. Each season, we employ driven students and planters from across the country, bringing together enthusiastic teams who possess an overwhelming determination for success.  


Born from a passion for planting, HRI continues to be a leader in the evolving Silviculture Industry.

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